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Limited time only. Expires Deals ends See Details Evangers offers Special! Where to find the latest Evangers coupon codes? These products include grain free chicken, grain free wild salmon, grain free pheasant, grain free rabbit, grain free duck, grain free buffalo, grain free beef, and grain free pork. These foods are meat-only. They should not be fed as a complete meal. Evangers classic line of foods includes several single-source meat proteins which do not have AAFCO approval.

And they have lamb and rice dinner with the same percentages that is AAFCO-approved for all life stages. They also have a canned puppy food 10, 5, 78 that is AAFCO-approved for all life stages, and a senior and weight management food 5. Some of these kibbles have novel proteins.

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Crude protein ranges from 24 to 33 percent. Crude fat ranges from 14 to 18 percent.

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Overall, Evangers has some very interesting foods. Dogs should love many of these canned foods, though it would be difficult for many people to feed a medium or large dog a canned diet. As mentioned, Evangers is expensive food.

Evanger's Discusses Pet Safety and Its Voluntary Recall

However, if you have a small dog or a dog convalescing; or a picky eater or a pregnant dog, Evangers might be perfect for trying to get your dog to eat. Most people are more familiar with Evangers canned foods so we thought it would be good to take a look at one of their kibbles for a change.

Chicken is everywhere in dog foods and some dogs do have allergies to it. If the moisture were removed from this meat, this ingredient would appear lower in the list. Nutritionally, pheasant is about 52 percent protein, 44 percent fat, and 4 percent carbs. Duck is comparable in protein to chicken and turkey.

It also provides iron and selenium to the diet. Duck meal, as with other meals, has had most of the moisture and fat removed, making it a concentrated form of protein. Brown rice is slightly less processed than white rice but it retains a little more of the nutrition from the rice. Keep in mind that a single ingredient in a dog food is not really the way to determine how the dog food will be digested.


Evanger's Cat & Kitten Food Coupons, Review & Recalls

All of the ingredients need to be considered together. This food has other ingredients that will slow digestion. The fourth ingredient is salmon meal. Salmon is an excellent ingredient for dogs. The fifth ingredient is pearled barley. The hull has to be removed from barley so it can be eaten. With pearled barley, the bran has also been removed and the barley polished. Pearled barley is 90 percent carbs, 7 percent protein, and 3 percent fat.

Even though it is not a whole grain — since some of the hull has been removed — pearled barley is still only a low to moderate glycemic food. Other ingredients of interest in this food include oatmeal — a whole grain that is a good dietary fiber. In fact, eating oatmeal regularly can lower the effects of eating other foods with higher values. The food also has potatoes.

Some dog owners have begun to worry about giving their dogs food with potatoes, possibly because of their high carb values. The food also has turkey liver — a good source of vitamin A and other vitamins. We also note that the food has tomato pomace which is considered to be a good source of fiber and not a filler ingredient. The food also has millet. Millet is basically bird seed.

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It is gluten free which will appeal to some. The food also has sweet potatoes which add more carbs to the food. Flaxseed is a good source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid. However, flaxseed mimics estrogen in the body which can cause problems with hormones. Be careful feeding flaxseed to dogs if you are a dog breeder. The food also has several different kinds of fermentation products to help dogs digest the food better.

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It has become more popular for dog food companies to add these ingredients in the last few years. We also note that the food has some chelated minerals. Chelated minerals have minerals that are bonded to proteins so dogs can digest them more easily. Chelated minerals are often used in more expensive dog foods. We note that the food has no corn, wheat, or soy, which are common allergens for some dogs.

This is a moderately rich dog food in terms of calories. The dry matter basis figures for this food are: This food has a moderate protein percentage and a moderate fat percentage.

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The fiber percentage is average for most kibbles. The carbohydrate percentage is very high. We like many of the ingredients in this food. However, anyone interested in this food should realize that the protein percentage is only moderate and the percentage of carbs is quite high. So, it has good ingredients but we wish the protein percentage was higher and the carbs were lower. We still think this is a a pretty good food for lots of dogs.

You can buy Evangers dog food from Chewy. You can also buy it from Amazon. According to Evangers you can buy their food at locations but check with the merchant first. We think Evangers has some great foods. Always check their canned foods to make sure whether you are looking at a complete meal or a supplemental food.

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