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The cashier accepts the coupons as they are presented to her at the check out line at a supermarket. The accepted coupons then have to be sorted and processed, which is very time consuming to the supermarket.

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It takes time for the cashier to read each coupon, credit the customer's cash register receipt for the amount stated on each coupon, and also ensure that the customer has purchased the product stated on the coupon. The cashier then places the redeemed coupons in a special drawer for sorting later.

Redemption stamps and stamp booklets also are well known in the art. Green Stamps were popular in the 's. Participating retail stores would display a decal or sign indicating that they would issue Green Stamps. Whenever a customer purchased goods at the store, the store would issue to the customer a quantity of Green Stamps, which would usually be based upon the purchase price of the goods.

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The Green Stamps were similar to postage stamps and had a glued backing that only had to be moistened to activate the adhesive ability of the stamps. The customer was supplied with Green Stamp redemption booklets, which contained a fixed number of blank pages for gluing the Green Stamps thereto. The object was to fill up several booklets with Green Stamps. The full booklets then could be redeemed at a Green Stamp redemption center. The redemption center would give the redeemer free goods in exchange for a certain number of booklets filled with Green Stamps.

The system was funded by the retail stores, which purchased the Green Stamps from the redemption center. The participating stores believed that issuing Green Stamps increased their business, because customers would prefer to shop at a store that issued Green Stamps over a store that did not. A coupon redemption card and tracking system includes a credit card size redemption coupon card used by the customer, and a tracking sheet used by the redemption center such as a restaurant.

The redemption card has a plurality of mini coupons, which can be peeled off individually. Each redeemed peel off coupon is affixed to the tracking sheet, which has dimensions of a dollar bill so that the sheet can be placed conveniently in the till of a cash register.

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The tracking system facilitates the accounting and inventory of redeemed coupons. The coupon card is fabricated from two laminated layers of paper or paper-like material, a clear plastic protective film, and an adhesive coating. The base layer is fabricated from a special paper. An adhesive layer is applied to one side of the base layer.

The layer, which will form the peel off coupon layer, is then affixed to the layer of adhesive material. The finished two layered sheet is held together by adhesive material. The layered sheet is produced as a large single sheet or as roll of the material. The sheet or roll is then sent to the printer. The printer applies printer's ink to both sides of the sheet to form the desired printed matter on both sides of the sheet. After the printer's ink transfer process has been completed, the top side of the sheet has the requested identification or advertising matter printed on it.

The bottom side has the requested individual coupons printed on it. The next step is to have the top surface laminated with a clear plastic film for durability, protection, and to provide a pleasing appearance. This clear protective film lamination process can take place immediately after the inking process. It must be done afterwards to protect the previously applied printer's ink.

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The laminated sheets are then die-cut on the coupon side. When the individual coupon is removed from the card, it has sufficient adhesive so that it will adhere to the tracking sheet. The small size of the mini coupons is convenient for the card holder and it is also convenient for the redemption center.

4mm Corrugated plastic sheets: 24 X 24 :10 Pack 100% Virgin White

It eliminates the need to process diverse sizes and shapes of customer coupons. The system can be used wherever one has to keep track of various redeemable coupons and the like. The present invention is preferably used for fund raising by charitable organizations that have youngsters as members. Initially various fast food restaurants are contacted in a given geographic area to ask if they would participate in the fund raising drive. The fast food restaurants are asked to redeem the coupons submitted by the customer. The fast food restaurant absorbs the costs.

The fast food restaurant benefits by attracting new customers, keeping customer loyalty, and increasing its good will in the community. The coupon cards are fabricated and sold to the charitable organization for a fee. The charitable organization then sells the cards to the public for a higher fee. The difference between the cost and the price sold to the public is the profit made by the organization. The money goes to fund the charitable or non-profit organization. There is no overhead involved, because the cards are sold by the members. The coupon card usually has a legend printed on it to let the customer know which restaurants will honor the coupons.

The coupon system also eliminates employee theft at the restaurant. It prevents a sales clerk from selling an item of food, pocketing the money, and then telling the manager that he or she gave away the item of food. Any food items given away would have to be evidenced by the redeemed coupon affixed to the tracking sheet in the clerk's till. When the coupon is redeemed, the clerk affixes the coupon to a blank square on the tracking sheet and then writes in the amount that would normally be charged for that food item as if the customer had paid for the item of food.

The tracking sheets are also acceptable evidence by the Internal Revenue Service to show a legitimate tax deduction by the restaurant. There are three parties involved in the promotion: the fast food restaurant, the coupon card distributor, and the non-profit organization. This three party arrangement is required by the I. The completed tracking sheets already have the prices written in by the clerks. All of the prices on the tracking sheets are tallied by the accountant. The total amount is allowed by the I. Other types of promotional arrangements result in only a partial deduction by the I.

It is also useful when the franchisee calculates the royalties due to the franchisor, which are usually based on gross sales. The thickness of the coupon card is 0. Conventional plastic credit cards are 0. This is a standard thickness so that the plastic credit cards can be used in a machine that accepts plastic credit cards.

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All machines are designed to accept only this range of thicknesses for a plastic credit card. The present invention cannot be used in a credit card machine, because it is too thin. This prevents misuse of the coupon card by those who might try to use the card at a bank teller machine for example. Referring now to the drawings, the present invention includes two major components.

The first component is referred to as the peel off coupon redemption card The single card is illustrated in FIGS. The second component is referred to as the tracking sheet The tracking sheet is illustrated in FIGS. The tracking sheet illustrated in FIG. The single coupon redemption card 10 is a credit card size, which can easily fit into the card holder of a user's wallet. The four corners of the card are rounded. The coupon card is thinner than a plastic credit card.

The coupon card is 0. Other than the thickness, it is identical in size to a typical plastic credit card such as a bank card or an oil company credit card. The back face 15 of the card 10 contains a plurality of small mini coupons. Preferably the redemption card has sixteen mini peel off coupons 20 secured to it. Each coupon is scored at any adjoining edges 22, 24, 26 and 28 by a die-cut process so that one can peel away a corner of the coupon with one's finger nail and then can easily remove that particular coupon.

A "dog ear" marking 30 is illustrated at one corner of each coupon to visually indicate to the user where to begin the peeling process. The mini coupons do not have the "dog ear" 30 portion already exposed. It is foreseeable that a pull tab or string of some type could be integrated with the coupon to assist in the coupon removal process. The underside of the coupon 20 has an adhesive backing to hold the coupon in place. Each coupon on the coupon card has printed matter printed thereon when the coupon card is fabricated. Just this afternoon I struggled trying to stretch the largest one over a bowl that I thought it would fit, and it just wouldn't.

Maybe make one a little larger than the largest one? Very convenient, I use them all the time. Downside: they came all the way from China to Switzerland, which is a bit contradictory for an eco-friendly product I love these covers, they make things so much easier, don't have to worry if I have a matching lid! These fit on all types of containers; glass and plastic, round and square.

No more plastic wrap! Even my husband said "These are great! They have not disappointed they do as expected. I love those lids and feel better not using cling wrap anymore. My only regret: not being careful when I cut open the envelope the lids shipped in. It was really tight and I nicked one of the covers with the tip of my scissors. I still use the cover - the hole is small - but still I like these and feel good that eventually I will no longer be using or buying plastic wrap. A great product!

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