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If I buy 2 12 month codes will they stack to 24 months? Sorry for the noob question but have just bought an Xbox one s for my sons birthday. Because I remember redeeming gold 12m. Then paying I think Pre paid gold was from CD keys. I know mate, it's the one from Brazil that you'll need to use it on.

You will recieve an email sent and you can also go into 'Digital Items' on shopto within your account, click on view details and you also have it listed here.

On xbox you redeem a code as normal, it recognises it and applies it to your xbox account. I did this on my PC. Does this one work with uk accounts ok? Ok then, all the aforementioned! If you only have the 2 xboxes go digital and every game and even Xbox live can be shared.

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Perfect cheers. I know the conversion deal will be gone by the time the year runs out but I don't see myself using Ultimate once the next gen of consoles come out. If you need gold better waiting a month before it expires, most of the time you get deals from Microsoft on your Xbox. Best one being the 26 pound or so y. I agree with the couple posts above. Couldn't resist the temptation to post this :I The Ghouls 'n Ghosts nostalgia is just too strong! Keep in mind, even on Xbox One X the games are still only 30fps, even in p mode.

So if you also have a decent games PC you're better off playing them on that. I've not started Spyro yet but Crash was easy to run at p and my system is mid range at best.

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I got news for u guys , i just bought this 14 days gold trial , in order to play multiplayer games like call of duty black ops 2 or battlefield 3, but unfortunately it doesn't allow u , to play online you need to have a full subscription xbox live gold ,. Is that a trial though?

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I assume we've spoke in a previous post. Each discussion is a new one in my book regardless of previous run ins. Loved this game even though it took me around 2 years of on and off attempts before it finally clicked. DOS2 is good too, but I find I have been crippled by indecision and as such played through fort joy umpteen times before i feel i need to reroll. Guys just stuck in this game you honestly will want to progress further and further and further until you get to the end and then are like well round 2 lets see what strategies i can come up with.

Such a fun game and great with friends! Jahan you demon! Honestly one of the best games available at that price.

It's hard as balls a lot of the time, and if you're anything like a dufus like me, you'll spend hours browsing guides. Well worth it though, it's so much fun. Always daunting these big games. That's why they're so well suited for the switch, especially if you travel. Just a shame about the pricing on that platform. I remember playing through this with a girlfriend back on though. Great co op game. I bought 2 codes one after the other in case I had issues. The first was ok albeit it took hours to come through.

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When I went for the second one they asked for additional ID verification. I raised a case with them and refused to provide the ID they wanted 2 forms and asked for a refund. I heard nothing back for a number of days then I emailed again saying I would raise a case with PayPal. Sure enough the code then came through and it worked. I thought it was dodgy as they had received the PayPal payment from me anyway, so why bother with additional verification checks??

Never will I buy anything again from these clowns. No code and 10 days later still no refund despite them saying they have refunded. Fortunatly I paid with paypal and have opened a case. If you like a gamble and chance buying from cjs-cdkeys, please make sure you at least pay with paypal. It I resolved it by foloowing instruction 3 3. Visit the Xbox. I can see this: ' Redeem your code or gift card It'll be added to xboxusermame xxxxl. Thanks for your help.

I bought from electronic first and it went pretty smoothly. They emailed to make sure I wanted the VPN version and once confirmed the code came through immediately and worked. I wanted 2 more years so I could max out the ultimate game pass but electronic first were out of stock of codes so I tried cjs cdkeys. It was a bit of a faff as I use a different email address for PayPal as I did for my contact so there was email verifications to accept.

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After all that the code came through albeit after a good few hours and I mean overnight. The code worked fine so I went for a second code with cjs. This seems odd as the payment has gone through so why the need for more checks?

1. Mozilla Firefox: Best overall

I received my code within 15 mins and it worked fine! Microsoft's Xbox was launched in , and swiftly became one of the world's premier gaming consoles , as have its successors, the Xbox in and the Xbox One in From the start, the idea was to link console units up to an online entertainment store, where users could purchase new games and enhance the ones that they already owned. Hence, Xbox Live was born. The major attraction of the service was the ability to play the latest console games over a broadband connection — something that no console had offered until Xbox Live came along.

Since its release in , Xbox Live has been the place to go for all forms of digital products relating to the Xbox series. It was updated in and again in when new Xbox systems were introduced, and in it was also extended to Windows computers, making it potentially available for billions of people around the world. In the future, it will also be extended to smartphones and handheld Xbox devices.

Xbox Live comes in two major forms. As its name suggests, Xbox Live Free is free of charge and is available for all Xbox and Windows users. Xbox Live Gold is a paid-for subscription service that provides a wider range of online gaming options. Live Free provides a limited range of services that are enough to set up online play and social networking, but with restricted potential. Players are able to set up their own avatars and they also have access to the Xbox web browser Microsoft Edge on the Xbox One and Internet Explorer on the Players can save their games to the Microsoft Cloud so that they can pick them up later.

The basic package also supports various Microsoft-approved apps, including the search engine Bing, Skype and the Microsoft Movies and TV service. If they purchase the premium package, gamers can take advantage of five minutes of free recording, allowing them to show replays on sports game and FPS shooters. Crucially, owners of the premium package are able to take part in online multiplayer gaming.

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