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The stores say if they dont scan they wont accept them. Too much aggravation on my part. They almost never scan. I print them out, buy the right item and they almost never scan. One bad apple ruins it for everyone. Those stores come across counterfeit money all the time, but they still accept cash.

I think the overall problem is most cashiers and managers are not trained on how to read a coupon. For me, Walmart is the worst.

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I asked how. I replied you do know that you can photo copy in color. She was embarrassed. She continued with my transaction. Another time I tried to redeem a coupon for any Gatorade. The cashier told me the picture does not match the product…. Lol, happened to me, too at Walmart. Walmart has to be the stingiest company I have ever done business with. I shop exclusively at Aldi now and buy almost everything else used. Yes Aldi has great prices, with everything increasing in prices I hope manufacturers notice shoppers care about prices.

So tired of the people who coupon for the thrill of getting something for nothing. The folks who make a game of getting everything for free with cash back ruin it for those of us who really need the financial assistance that coupons provide. I have no problem with being limited to two identical online coupons. Anymore, just about the only coupons I might bother with are the ones Kroger sends in the mail, which are based on my past purchases.

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They have a long expiration of a month or two. CVS is always emailing coupons for my store shoppers card, but they usually expire the next day! Now I love them! I get Best Customer coupons, same as I got in the mail, and many other great deals. When I shop, I take a computer printout of coupons I loaded, and never get any argument if one fails to redeem.

Merely bring it to the attention of the cashier before paying. My sister opted to continue getting her Best Customer coupons in the mail. She also downloads the regular coupons online.

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They have a responsive customer feedback system — phone or online. I love it! They have the same expiration date as the ones in the coupon insert. I use Walgreens digital coupons, cvs coupons,nd Kroger digital coupons. So I do spread it around. I cannot imagine buying more than we can use. But my local store does give away one free item to download a week, just like Krogers, and those I either use, give to my niece, or my local food bank. There will always be someone who tries to take advantage and really does screw it up for the rest of us who does the right thing.

I stopped using coupons long ago, but I agree with PP. When there is major fraud from those people that have created it others loose out who could really need the help to save money on very limited income.

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  • Detergents are so concentrated you really have to use very little. I buy the limit when I see this and I am good to go for a few months. I have a small family of 3 so we only do loads a week. Otherwise I belong to Sams club and buy their name brand Tide or Gain and this will last me almost a year. Couponing is not worth my time esp since I would have to print them all online. I agree with almost all above. I hate that they make you print the coupons. My almost weekly circular pack has almost no coupon inserts, so I have no choice.

    If the deals are not good, I will not buy the product. I love oxyclean detergent now and only found out because of the deals on it. I am not married to a certain brand. Also with recently purchasing a new washer, I only need a small amount of detergent. And I am honest. Coupon insert printer? Whoever- and control the security of their coupon inserts, so they just eliminated the inserts in certain parts of the country. So inconvenient for honest consumers who get the newspaper delivered.

    They use cheaper ingredients to save money.

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    I use other brands that are much better. I go to job lot with 2 cover girl coupons I had just printed and was told by the cashier that I copied them because they were plain on the back??? I called corporate because I was left feeling like I was a fraud, never mind the people behind me looking on… corporate said they would handle it but really nothing was done. This is getting ridiculous…I thought they made coupons to motivate you to purchase their product!

    I am a huge couponer to save money on groceries with out limited income. None of their coupons seem to scan anymore, even when you have the product pictured, This creates problems in stores that will not accept coupons that will not scan. I have switched also. Or just stop buying their toxic crap that is tested on animals.

    There are reasonable alternatives to everything P and G, Unilever, and Dial Corp makes in the form of cruelty free ethical products. Move over p and g. Persil has taken over!!!

    How to Get Printable Coupons

    Reviews Review Policy. New stores you've been asking for! Now you can get digital offers for Kroger, Ralphs, Pay Less and more. As always, we're squashing bugs and making our app better. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website.

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    See more. Well, essentially, this website is the online version of that. While it might not be quite as well-known as sites like Coupons. The printable coupons can be clipped and used at the grocery store. The comparatively small selection of coupons that are available offer pretty high savings. So, whether you order your groceries online or pick them up in-store, you should definitely check Coupons.

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    This popular website offers a good selection of printable grocery coupons, for everything from food to laundry. One of the best aspects of the site, which has been mentioned on The Today Show and CNN, is that it offers such a varied selection of coupons. It offers a huge variety of coupons, promo codes and other great discounts for a plethora of different brands, products, and retailers. On the website, you can find a great selection of printable grocery coupons, which are frequently updated.

    Another great resource for grocery coupons is I Heart Publix. On this platform, you can find tons of grocery coupons for a wide range of products, and stores. From laundry detergent to coffee, on the website, you can find thousands of coupons for big brands and popular products. There are coupons for brands like Ariel, Bounty, Always, Crest and Pampers on the website, which offer great savings.

    On this website, you enter your grocery list, and it automatically searches for matching coupons. This is such a useful feature. Here are links to the coupon pages of some of the top grocery stores and other stores that also sell groceries :. To help you locate more supermarket websites, visit Wikipedia for a list of national and local grocery stores.

    Here are the brands behind some of the most popular grocery store items offering printable coupons:.

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