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Just checked out the Leduc Rep. June 3rd and nothing in there either.

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This weekend I looked for the smartsource coupons in several papers at my local store; Hamilton Spectator, Sun, Star etc. No coupon booklets. I am wondering if people take them out. I checked many papers. We have a major problems receiving our daily papers as the delivery services are not adequate. Would it be possible to have the offers mailed to us directly?

Thank you. I hope to find some answers soon. The inserts are not in the papers at your local store, many cities you have to subscribe to the newspaper to get the inserts. My local paper alwasy has them on the dates that are on the schedule. Your info says red plum and smart source coupon inserts can be found in Niagara This Week in Ontario.

I had never noticed them but have been faithfully searching for a few weeks now. There has not been any.

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Any idea if they are put in regularly or rarely? I stumbled across the schedule for the coupon inserts on mrs. I was wondering if there was a way to get Red Plum or Smart Source insert sent to me in rural Manitoba? I live four hours away from any large city and although we can get the city newspaper subscription out here it seems pretty stupid for me to pay for the paper if I just want the insert LOL.

Janelle — The only other way other than newspaper subscription is to purchase inserts from eBay. Kinda makes me want to get another paper route lol jk. How do you go about purchasing coupons or the red plum or smart source inserts on ebay? Do you only use the ebay.

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Jen: Yes, you just go to ebay. For the coupon inserts I have not seen any yet! Wonder if the date is wrong? Marie: Some areas may receive their insers a day or two before or after the scheduled date. In my area, the left over or extra flyers are available free a the corner stores that sell papers. Good luck. Just thought I would let anyone in the Leduc, Alberta area know that the leduc rep only carries the smartsource inserts. Just called them to confirm. The lady I spoke with says they come out the 2nd week of every month, and if you plan on picking up the paper at your local convenience store it will not carry the insert.

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Only scheduled delivery receives it. So you have to contact the paper directly to go and pick up your insert.

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Found smart source has an online website you can print coupons from — it canadian! Just wanted to let anyone in the Edmonton area know, I live in a rural area so do not have the option to get the Edmonton Sun, Journal Etc…. AND, they only send out to certain postal codes….. I asked if I could just buy a Saturday paper and they said NO. It sure has been a challenge lately to find these coupon inserts. Thanks so much! I was wondering if anyone has gotten the inserts in Manitoba.

I live outside the city of winnipeg but can buy the paper at my corner store? Can you tell me when I should be looking for these coupons in my local paper? Is there a particular day? Thanks, Sharon. I have never seen coupons from the newspapers here in Calgary. Do they have them?

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They sell a lot of newspapers if they did. I, too have never seen any inserts in The Montreal Gazette. What a bummer!! I thought the exact same thing but it turns out that we seem to get them earlier than scheduled. I came home, noticed that our free paper was still hanging on our steps and the Red Plum inserts were in that one which was dated Nov 22, !

I was so surprised but happy that I checked before I threw it out!

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Hi Cassie! I just wanted to let you know that the Redplum inserts are also in the Hamilton Spectator in Ontario. I live in Toronto; and have gone through paper after paper!! The Sun, Star local free papers.. Is anyone else having the same problem? Anyone in Toronto subscribe and successful with getting inserts? Are they only available in paid subscriptions, or can I pick up a paper at the general store? Redplum is available in saskatoon star phoenix, but the smart source is not, I wish i could find it out here in saskatchewan, anyone know where I can?

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Any particular day that the Red Plum inserts are in the paper? I cannot seem to find the right day.

Or perhaps I will just call the paper directly and ask them! I already have the list for when the SmartSource coupons are to be released for the year, but I am unable to get the list for when Redplum coupons will come out for the year.

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  4. I would like to set up a time to order extra papers on these dates, as my paper-lady does not know when they are to be released. This would great for the both of us, she gets the extra sales from the papers, and I get the coupons. Several of the neighbours are on the same thought line. Kelowna Event that is delivered without a subscription does not ever carry any coupon inserts. No coupons. Its most frusterating when all my family in surrounding towns get the coupon inserts but I do not.

    I get the Toronto Star and have always received coupon inserts with them. Hi, I was just wondering if you could find out and post the dates for when the Brandsaver coupon inserts come out. Liz: They do not come every weekend. I am interested in getting more coupons like these and I see that the Toronto Sun is listed. If I was to order this paper to be delivery I understand it only comes on the certain dates but when it does come will it be in the Saturday or Sunday paper?

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