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Male Female 2. Please choose your year of birth. Which of these games would you say you have played the most in the last 3 months? Which feature of MapleStory 2 are you most excited for? Please note what you are expecting from this alpha test. You will be contacted by email later if you are accepted to the Alpha test! Here is the schedule for the Alpha test! Registration will be open from August 28 to September 10, and those who are chosen to participate will be notified on September The test itself will take place from September 17 to On testing days, there are time limits for when users can play.

Above is a Slime monster, and you can see that on High, there are much more detailed textures. The skill motions and town backgrounds will also be affected, obviously being more detailed on High settings. Each one comes with its own settings on the different effects in the game. Effect quality will change how good different things look, based on the stage 1 being worst and 3 being best.

Brightness is self explanatory. Anti-aliasing makes outlines smoother and less jagged.

Maplestory Have Updated To v.178.4.0 With Minor Patch

Real-time shadows means that shadows from objects in the game will update constantly based on your position and light sources. September edited September I don't see why not.

Star planet seems to be dead so it would be difficult to play games to become a shining star. It also takes a long time to become a shining star through popularity if you're just starting out. I'd love to have this in the cash shop. I keep switching my main's hair between purple and red because I'm on the fence between the two colors, and if I could mix them it'd be completely perfect. Having this in the cash shop would be a nice option to have, seeing as KMS has it as well.

Most people simply don't have the time to commit to doing star planet everyday for weeks. I would really love to have this in cash shop. This is the Star Planet PvP.

Players will choose a character to play as and they will try to kill the opponents for money. They can also kill monsters to level up, which allows them to train on stronger monsters for more money. Money is used to upgrade skills. Finally, after the 10 minutes preparation time is up, everyone will be transported to the final battleground to faceoff. Kill your opponents to win the game! Deaths here are permanent so you cannot revive once you die. Firstly, this game requires 6 players, who will be split into 2 teams, Red on the right and Blue on the left.

Alternatively 2 parties of 3 people each can be formed up to play this game also. If you die during the preparation time, you will revive after a certain time based on your level. Note that this is subjected to lag too, so you might respawn even later than expected by about 5 seconds at most. However monsters have no DEF. Similarly, all Gold and EXP values shown are before splitting.

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However, there is no damage oenalty for being lower level than your opponents. Note that values may be inaccurate.

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However, this means that within your team, only the killer who deals the final hit gets the reward based on Killer Formula while the other teammates get the Leech formula, even if they do majority of the damage. EXP that is in excess after levelling up is not carried over.

Maplestory Europe: Mix Dye Coupon Bug

Max level is In general, for every 1. Humans provide even higher amount of gold than monsters. These values are before any gold upgrades. There are 5 sectors that can be upgraded using money.


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The effect increase from previous level is shown to help in analysing whether or not is it worth to pay more for the specified effect increase. Note that this upgrade does not increase attack speed. Buying this upgrade will increase the amount of HP and MP healed every 2 seconds. Reward Values are based on a full 10 minute game. If the game ended early due to opponent team leaving, the rewards are adjusted based on the duration elapsed.

At a chance, after receiving a buff, you may meet one of your fans. He will ask for your autograph and if you agreed to sign, you receive 3 Star Points. Shining Stars can activate this game 2 times every 2 weeks. Shining Stars will call out 20 numbers out of Form a row to win the game! Max 30 winners. Star Points and Mileage are awarded based on your position players or number of participants host. Every 20th minute of the hour, every hour, with the first game at You must be inside Star Planet, outside Star Arena by then to receive the invitation.

Everyone play against the host, which will select a symbol Rock, Paper or Scissors. People who draw or win will move to the next round. Last man standing wins! Every 40th minute of the hour, every hour, with the first session at Click on either of them and take pictures! Every 30 minutes, Loming will appear at either side. He will stay for 11 minutes before leaving. You can draw once every session. As a bonus for participating in Star Planet, you can obtain 15 minutes of 2x EXP Buff Coupon for every 25 Star Points earned for that day, up till 60 minutes maximum daily.

You can do so only once daily , so only claim your buff after you feel that you have done enough or when the bar has fully filled up. EXP Buffs have a hours 7 full days expiry after you took the coupon.

MapleStory Mix Dye Coupon

Events can hand out these time extender coupons. This extender will not work on other EXP Buff coupons and the new EXP Coupon will have its expiry date refreshed to hous 7 full days after the exchange. For Shining Star, you must be either Top in overall Star Points ranking or Top 5 in any of the mini game rankings based on your ranking points competitive games or raw score solo games.

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