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Blackberries —.

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This is due to a law that voters passed some years ago that keeps the minimum wage tied to inflation. The poorest states in the U. The FDA sent out an alert that Zantac could contain low levels of a human carcinogen. You can return any purchased at those stores. Deals Blog

You might be surprised to see that popular products being sold can cause cancer or other health issues. Then again, tobacco and vaping products that were found to cause cancer and other ailments are sold at stores and people knew they were dangerous and still bought them. One way to find out if the FDA is allowing the sale of products that may be harmful is to see if other countries have banned them.

You have until October 7th to make sure you registered to vote for the next election. Spray them with Old Spice to give them a fresh clean scent.

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Not surprisingly, the amounts first mentioned as part of the settlement have changed for the worse. The class-action lawsuit came about when StarKist cans were found to be under-filled. The coupon has no expiration date. So what turned out to be a whale of the deal, dried up. In the meantime, consumers flounder with the leftover chum. Use the code at the bottom of your receipt. It affected , travelers with around , being stranded in other countries. I even had some relatives that were stranded using them. The government is repatriating the travelers back to the UK on their dime. I usually do my trips a la carte and not bundled with tour groups.

Part of the reason is that I can usually get a better deal not bundling. They are good for doing all the legwork for you and the cost usually has it fixed in. I get too impatient and want to keep moving along with the adventure rather than waiting for Arthur and Beatrice to finish their meal.

In those cases they should just say seating in the main area only. No need to flip the chairs. It only takes minutes to overturn chairs, so why the rush? Maybe then they will get the message. Vaseline Lotion — 10 oz —. Brandt purchase. Tropez purchase. Remarkable savings on modern styles.

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These are only available while supplies last, so hurry in to get your prize. I have. You had to pay attention to every detail. Are the workers dentures in my meal? Did they curtsy when they met you? Those are just some of the things you had to write about. The one thing you had to do is not blow your cover. So I had to keep reminding myself not to introduce myself as Mr. Mystery Shopper or write notes vigorously as they talked. My favorite part was the high I would get knowing I was mysterious. Not a weird mysterious, but a cool mysterious.

So if you see me around, I may be on my next assignment. Be on your best behavior and shower me with plenty of freebies and attention so that I give a good write-up. Nobody wants a talking to from their boss if they get a bad review. Also talk loud so that everything gets picked up on my voice recorder. I usually get the best priced item. However, there are limitations. Quality does matter so that will affect my shopping habits too.

One bad cut and now you are looking for the more expensive razor and some Bactine and salve to stop the profuse bleeding. Same goes for restaurants.

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